Monday, July 11, 2005

In the good news column…

  • I haven’t vomitted in 5 days
  • Going to work feels normal again, not like nothing happened last week, but that we’re all just moving on (well, those of us without the need to really recover or grieve)
  • Maria and Joel are now coming to the wedding!
  • I have been able to stomach meat for the first time in ages

In the not so good news column…

  • Apparently some people are trying to turn last Thursday into something called ‘7/7’ and telling Londoners that the world cries with them. This reaction to that does make you smile… I don’t think it’s going to turn into something bigger than it is. This city has dealt with a hell of a lot before, before I got anywhere near here, like continued IRA bombings. There are enough other people out there waxing philosophical about it all before I start…
  • Thursday and Friday like no work got done at all anywhere here. For someone who has the next 9 days to accomplish 50 million tasks at work, this is not good news. I started off attending a day of training today that I was meant to be at, then ended up leaving about an hour in and just had to go get things done…
  • My pants (jeans in particular…ouch) are getting uncomfortable. This is not to say they don’t fit, as they do, it’s just that I feel the need for elastication right now… Must purchase sweat pants and wear them 24-7…
  • I’ve lost part of an old cavity! There is a small crater in a molar at the back left and I can’t stop flicking it with the tongue. The good news story in relation to this is that I get free dental care (during pregnancy and I think 1st year too) – the bad news is that I will be lucky to find a dentist around taking NHS non-fee paying patients.

The revised timeline of events last week somehow makes me feel better too. It turns out that the bomb at Edgware Road went off much earlier than had been first reported. This means that when I got out at Baker Street at exactly 9am that morning (I remember) from the Met Line, it had already happened. Which means that when I looked down onto the platform with all the people standing on it waiting for the Circle and/or Hammersmith and City Line as I walked out to get my bus, those dozens of people were safe and did not die. I was thinking that many of them had possibly gotten on one of the trains. So far, I don’t know any of the people that are missing thankfully.

2 Responses to “”

  1. jamie Says:

    For the pants, you totally need one of these….
    I think you could easily make one with some stretchy material!

  2. emmainlondon Says:

    yes if was only as talented as you and could actually sew! perhaps you could knit me one 🙂
    I will just continue to walk around with the pants undone and hope they don’t fall down!

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