Friday, July 15, 2005

Well I sure am talkative lately.

Mark has his stag do tonight. Apparently I am not meant to expect him home until the wee hours. They’re just going to a pub near Baker Street but he’s invited loads of workmates. I’m feeling deprived (depraved?) and would love a jug of sangria right now… even on my own.

My Smarties finally arrived from Victoria (Canada, not the train station near work)! Hurrah!

I am at home again as I was going to take a half day anyway due to working all day tomorrow at a festival staffing our WAES marquee but I am still not feeling so hot. Well, actually, I am feeling hot. It’s hot.

The dog is appreciating the new cooler-than-carpet-or-lino tiled floor. She’s hot.

I think I am going to melt on the 6th if these temps and sunshine keep up. I am actually wishing for a cold wet British summer just on the wedding day as it will actually keep things comfortable!

Here’s another way to beat the heat – suck on a giant ice chunk…

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  1. Jen Klingenberg Says:

    Hey Emma, am thinking of you today – Happy Birthday!!! Looking forward to seeing you and your belly in a couple of weeks! Love, Jen

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