Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I saw some ad yesterday that said the average age a women gets married in the UK is 28, and that is how old I was on yesterday’s birthday (gawd it sounds old to me), so at least I am average for once!

Uneventful day really – woke up to a dog jumping on me (who is not normally allowed upstairs; I think I did this to Mark in December but she weighed like 2 kilos then and was small and cute – now she’s lumbering and 28 kilos plus), was presented with Body Shop goodies and a large Le Creuset stoneware bowl to add to the collection (like this one). Proceeded to vomit up my coffee as is the normal morning routine (except normally I haven’t had a coffee yet at that time) but felt okay afterwards. Off to work, busy busy, too busy so got a bit stressed out. Came home, put on the pajamas, vegetated on the couch, and had a Nando’s take away. Chatted to Sam for a while then went to bed. The end.

However we aren’t seeing any family until this weekend when my parents meet both sets of Mark’s parents so I will be getting the full birthday effect then too. I can’t believe it’s already time for my parents to get here for the wedding. And there is much still to organise! Eek!

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