Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My parents arrived from Toronto last Friday night, and it’s been a busy few days since then. We all survived them meeting Mark’s parents, first his mum and nan Saturday at our house for lunch, and then his dad and step-mum and friends in Warwick on Sunday for dinner. We also spent a few hours with my Grandma in Derby in there as well, and took the dog for lots of walks who thoroughly enjoyed having a couple more people to jump on. Last night, we dropped them off at Victoria so they could get to Gatwick for their week long Malta break. It’s been cold and rainy since they got here so I am sure they are happy to be in the heat!

Just when you think you have a breather… Mark’s dad has come to stay with us tonight to help Mark sand the parquet floors and do some painting today and tomorrow, and I’ve got to go in to work tomorrow (even though I am meant to be off for a month). Besides the fact that there is still a million jobs for the wedding to do! And the big bills have come in so I have some banking to be done. It’s going to be painful to dip into the savings…

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  1. Anne Says:

    You are very busy and I am not so much, so I feel sad that I missed yor birthday….belated greetings.
    Have a wonderful day on the sixth I will be thinking of you. Brian arrives at the weekend from Darfur and if we can we may try and squeeze into the back of the registry office on the sixth. Lots of love anne

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