Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Okay I have to admit to an addiction. I’m only 17 weeks and I’ve bought WAY too much maternity clothing. Today I added to it with a cheap bathing suit, two bras and a top from Mothercare (all on sale except for the bras). I picked up a couple of things that shouldn’t really fit but sort of do from H&M maternity in their sale. I’ve spent stacks of money on ebay buying gap maternity tops and a Motherhood Maternity dress, all from the US and not available here. Hopefully the best thing I’ve invested in is a very cheap (on ebay again) Belly Belt kit that expands your normal pants to a bigger waist. And thankfully my mother brought me some sweat pants (for those extra fashionable days) from Canada as I haven’t been able to find any plain boring ugly ones here. So I have a hell of a lot of tops, most of which are really cute (the gap ones are all silk and lovely patterned) and I’ve already started wearing them as they are nice and not huge in the tummy area anyway, but just longer than normal. The pant department I think will be a problem but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

I find it annoying that we don’t know what this kid is as baby clothes are on sale everywhere. The perfect little dresses in Monsoon… but I shouldn’t buy stuff this early anyway, should I.

I saw a picture of Jennifer Garner’s perfect little bump (holding Affleck offspring) on the Celebrity Baby Blog. She’s about the same amount pregnant as I am. I don’t have a perfect little bump. I have the same amount of flab as before, it’s just that the lower bit has seemed a bit harder lately. What can you do. I think it’s going to turn into a double roll/bump soon – I’ve seen photos on of American women in my situation! And I seem to grab it/rub it/hold it more than normal.

Received my welcome pack to the Tesco parent and baby club today. The magazine had an expert that said all pregnant women stop losing their hair. Okay I still have hairs falling out of my head when I wash it/comb it when blowdrying. Does this mean that there is a problem?

Also it hurts when I sneeze. Is this normal?

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  1. Lisa Says:

    I hear ya, sistah. I went maternity clothes mad when we were in the States (why oh why don’t we have Motherhood Maternity here?!) and also went eBay happy. I couldn’t find a maternity coat for the life of me, so I got one from Old Navy via eBay.

    Yeah, I noticed that the only women who post bump photos are skinny little things that look like they’ve stuffed a cantelope down their pants. Mine took ages to go from this:
    to a dome-shaped bump. *sigh*

    I never noticed any decrease in my hair falling out when pregnant but 4 months post-partum…ohmygawd…I’m amazed I’m not bald. Not all pregnant women notice any hair or skin changes; don’t worry. (I hate it when books say stuff like that.)

    Yes, it’s normal to hurt when you sneeze. See my post here:

  2. Lisa Says:

    Poo, my link got cut off. Trying again: sneezy hurty post

  3. jamie Says:

    Sneezing hurts is nothing. No worries there. And, you know, an elastic band around your button hole and your button elongates your pants awesomely. Or you can get a Bella band… never used one, wish I had one!

    Wish you were closer… you could totally have my stuff!

  4. emmainlondon Says:

    Ah thank god for the mums who have come before… 🙂 Thank you muchly Lisa and Jamie

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Enjoyed a lot! » » »

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