Monday, August 22, 2005

Well it seems to have been an eventful week or two. I’ve got my appetite back (this could be dangerous!), and likely as a result even my 4 months of constipation seems to have come to an end (you don’t want to know how happy this makes me). I’m feeling pretty good all around, hell I only had to get to 20 weeks for that to happen. And there’s definite movement and something resembling a bump – particularly when I lie on my back.

Now this bump, I have to tell you, isn’t a nice bump like skinny people get. For example, my friend Mimie (who I did my Masters with at Laurier) who is 2 weeks more pregnant than me looked like this a couple of weeks ago (sent by email):

Hope she doesn’t mind me putting that on here!

But the point is that I have no nice photo like that of her lovely well-formed bump as mine is more like a load of blobs. You’ve got to be skinny in the first place to get one of those. So no pics of bumps Jamie! I will wait until there is something more formed to show. In some flattering shirt or something!

Anyway, the most interesting thing about recent days is that on the first night we were away, I slept REALLY soundly (I was surprised, not having tried to sleep on a boat before). In fact, I spent most of the night on my right hand side. When I woke up to roll over, and then did so, I realised there was a bean sticking out of my abdomen! Like it’s head or bum or something really hard up against my tummy! I grabbed Mark’s hand but by the time he was conscious enough to move it had sunk back into where it should have been. How weird and cool at the same time. Mark had visions of Alien but what the hell.

The BBC has started a new show here called He’s Having a Baby. I have to say, it’s pretty cheesy. However I did make Mark watch the first episode with me as I cooked dinner Saturday night on the boat (thank god for colour tv on a boating holiday or we’d have killed each other by boredom). They are supposedly trying to prepare first time fathers for parenthood. It’s really lame, and I am sad for Davina the presenter who I normally think is great! However, I still managed to get really emotional over it which is pretty sad of me…

4 Responses to “”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Emma, I totally understand how you feel about not wanting to post baby bump piccies but I hope that doesn’t mean that you’ve avoided taking any, period. I never had one of those cute little baby bumps like your lovely friend (she looks fab!), and I now regret not having taken more photos of myself during pregnancy. Please do try to take some, even if it’s just for yourself. 🙂

  2. samantha Says:

    How on earth did I completely miss this blog??
    Your perfect little bump will happen soon enough. It took me almost 6 months to show anything!
    Glad you’re feeling better

  3. mother of the kid Says:

    Lisa, I hear what you are saying – will chat to Mark about making proper records! I do have photos of myself during pregnancy, it’s just that you can’t tell anything is actually going on other than a longer top than normal.

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