Friday, August 26, 2005

So it was our big “anomaly” scan and consultant appointment yesterday – and everything is hunky dory. All measurements of the baby are lining up with expected due date – minus a couple of days, which is exactly what I expected as they have told me 02/01/06 is the date based on a 28 day cycle and mine were all around 34 days. So I expect this bean to arrive not until the 7th January at least. But I could be wrong.

She couldn’t get all the measurements of the heart and spine that she wanted for two reasons -the bean was lying in this kind of sideways breech position and no matter how hard she stabbed me with the ultrasound thingy it wasn’t cooperating fully, AND as we arrived in the car park at the hospital, I decided to vomit up the entire contents of my stomach very violently, which had included the litre of water I needed in my bladder for the scan to go well. Not it’s not a return of morning sickness, it’s called don’t eat somewhat dodgy expired desserts for lunch. There’s my lesson of the day.

So the good news is that we get another one on 9th September – so we didn’t get a print out of this one as that one will probably be better as it will be bigger.

And no matter how hard Mark and I peered at it, no idea what this thing is, boy or girl. And they won’t tell us, so I am hoping we may have a clue at the next scan? I saw arms, legs, head, tummy, spine, heart – everything but. Damn.

Anyway, on to the midwives and consultant, where there is no protein in my urine (good) and my blood pressure is fine (good). Saw the high-paid consultant who was very nice for about 3 seconds as everything is absolutely fine so they had nothing to say.

Yesterday I had some clothes arrive in the post: first pairs of maternity pants, a pair of jeans and black pants for work, also a dress. I’ve heard this before, I think reading Lisa’s blog and from Sam, but wow I really do look huge when I put the jeans on. I think it’s because normal pants sort of still keep things tucked in a bit, but when you wear something with a large elasticated panel, it all pops out!

I feel better about buying things now anyway, and I’ve got my first item (which arrived in the post today – ooh how I love getting all these parcels, a wedding gift came today as well) – a baby sling. I was actually looking for a particularly stylish diaper bag from the US (mums just must have good accessories, you know) when I stumbled across a particularly stylish piece of material being used as a sling. Looked around and found this one which I really liked (I got the flowery one on the right – too bad if it’s a boy, it’s my accessory not his!!), and today it’s here. Hopefully it was a good purchase, people seem to be fans of them. We’ll probably still get Mark a more sporty looking Baby Bjorn carrier or something similar. I can’t wait to use all the John Lewis/Mothercare gift certificates which were wedding gifts to buy stuff in the next few months!

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  1. jamie Says:

    I LOVED my sling… in fact, I still use it on occasion with the boy horrible! If you know someone that uses it, get a lesson… and just keep on trying it. It takes practice, but once you get it… whoo-ee! I used to go shoppin and breastfeed at the same time!

  2. Lisa Says:

    So glad to hear that the scan went well, but sorry to hear that you got sick in the carpark! Poor you. 😦 Hee hee, yup maternity jeans reaaaaally make you look preggers, don’t they? But good lord, are they comfy.

    Just a word about the Active Carrier: try to borrow one if you can instead of buying one. They aren’t cheap, and to be honest, we don’t use it very often. They are great for the first 4-6 months or so, but I can’t carry Jack in his now. I also couldn’t use it for the first 2 months due to the c-section, so that’s something to consider. I think the sling is a great idea, though!

  3. Samantha Says:

    It is all about the sling. BUT just make sure you find someone who can show you how to properly use it. It took me months – my poor little guy all scrunched up in there. I have told you and will tell you again IT’S A GIRL!
    I’ve already bought girly clothing, so whether or not it’s actually a girl he’ll just have to suffer through looking girly! It’s all about gender equality right?

  4. Anonymous Says:

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