Sunday, August 28, 2005

You know when you are little and you stick out your stomach really far on purpose just cause it’s a funny thing to do sometimes? (well at least I remember doing this!) This is what I feel like is happening today – except I am so not doing it on purpose. Oohh stretchy stretchy.

Although I said before that my appetite is back, it’s sort of hot and cold actually. I still have aversions to a hell of a lot of foods, I barely like the idea of eating anything to be honest (except ice cream). The house is full of food and we either keep having to go shopping again, or end up eating out.

Actually, all I want to eat is Mexican. So we’ve been having it alot. I’m talking fake not proper Mexican here – not like chipotles in adobo sauce or anything. Lots of Old El Paso meal kits, and we tried the restaurant chain Chiquito‘s here. Actually I didn’t expect much and I had a great meal, including a freakin’ delicious strawberry colada. Yummmmmmm. What I could kill for is a bean burrito from Taco Bell. Or those fries with everything on them. Why isn’t it in this country? Oh my god I just visited the official Taco Bell website and literally I am salivating. I need to go home to Canada SOON. We have KFC, we have Pizza Hut – it’s the same parent company, what is going on??? I should contact them. I should open one right in Leicester Square or something. At least then the American tourists would keep it running at a profit.

At least if it’s something I want to eat, I’m cooking again. It’s been pretty crap the past few months not being able to enjoy or participate in my number one stress reliever and favourite past time. The recipe books have collected dust, along with any nice pots and pans, and utensils. So, okay, Old El Paso kits or a tray of nachos, cheese and salsa doesn’t really count as cooking but it’s baby steps here… I think I should research more Mexican food and experiment beyond the meal kits. Sounds good.

Mark made a pretty good steak and ale pie last night, and tonight we are bbq’ing some chicken and veg. I’ve also been craving foods that I used to eat that I don’t really eat anymore – like onion soup mix & sour cream dip (we had that for lunch yesterday with a tonne of veggies – although I did use some half fat creme fraiche as a substitute) and chocolate pudding (I hope it’s similar to Canadian brands, but I bought Angel Delight and we will see how it stacks up). We went blackberry-picking in the fields behind the house last night so I’d better do something with those tonight. There’s leftover puff pastry from the pie.

Jesus – obviously I am feeling better with all this talk about food!!

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  1. Jeni Says:

    There used to be a Taco Bell in Leicester Square (or just by the Swiss Centre) years ago, but it disappeared. Shame, I thought it was fantastic!

  2. jamie Says:

    I couldn’t eat chicken at all my entire pregnancy with Ephraim… what is UP with that???

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