the perfect blueberry bran muffin recipe

Saturday, September 3, 2005

  1. Get a nice person to bring you bran muffin mix from Canada, as you are a lazy baker. In this instance, I have Tami to thank as part of my fab birthday gift (which also included Fuzzy Peaches among many other excellent items, mmmmm).
  2. Defrost frozen blueberries you bought during a blueberry spree earlier this year.
  3. Measure and add ingredients with aid of excellent aquatronic scale, a wonderful wedding gift from Maria and Joel.
  4. Add said ingredients (including proliferation of blueberries plus regular mix) to excellent maple leaf muffin tin, a wonderful Christmas gift from Maria and Joel (has also featured in previous blog posts!).
  5. Enjoy your creations (and in your eagerness, remove from said muffin tin too soon and have half of them fall apart – but who cares, they taste the same).
  6. Share your joy with only other living being at home, but they just don’t care as much…

Next to cook/assemble this evening, guacamole to go with nachos, I think…

One Response to “the perfect blueberry bran muffin recipe”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hilarious! My Mom always brings me packages of oatmeal muffin mix and banana muffin mix. Hee hee!

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