Saturday, September 10, 2005

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Latest ultrasound scan is here.

Only took, what, 2 visits and 2 hours of body manipulation in order for the technicians to get what they were looking for!

So we are trying to decide which parent this kid gets its uncooperative nature from (you all know it’s not me). Literally, yesterday at the hospital, what I thought would be a 15 minute appointment turned into a two hour ordeal of actually being asked to go on all fours in order to make it move, to go eat some chocolate and take a jog in order to make it move, etc. I was scanned lying in several different positions and in the end it turned out that moving to a different ultrasound machine got them the detail they wanted on the heart (being able to view all chambers and valves).

No, don’t worry, I really have nothing better to do than yoga on an ultrasound table (no work to do, my boss doesn’t care, don’t worry…)

Haven’t managed to buy that body pillow yet, as you have all recommended – better get on that one.

Still on the Mexican kick – had to take another trip to Chiquito’s last night, though it wasn’t as good as the first visit. Went to see Anne this week who made me a fantastic meal of salmon, broccoli and basmati & wild rice and I realised it was the kind of thing I should have been eating all along (brain food really). I always thought if this happened to me I would go on some serious healthy eating kick. Little did I know that the thought of even opening the fridge would repulse me so much and I really just don’t feel like eating most of the time anyway. I’ve been pretty good with fruit, it’s all I want for lunch most days, but not so good on the rest of the food groups. Bean does not seem to be suffering for it though – all measurements normal, all limbs present, etc. Thankfully.

Next up, in a week and a half, a fun morning at the hospital doing the glucose tolerance test (oh joy).

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  1. Gabrielle Guichard Says:

    Bonjour, I need to read to improve my English and your blog helps me. So, if you want to learn to speak French online I would be happy to pay you back.
    PS I’m not sure I understand everything. Specific vocabulary makes it difficult (and very useful for my learning purpose).

  2. Lisa Says:

    Wheeeeeee scan piccie! Don’t worry too much about what you’re eating now – I don’t know of any normal woman who ate nothing but health food for 9 months of pregnancy!

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