Monday, September 19, 2005

As ever, an enjoyable weekend was had by all at Emma & Mark’s house. Managed to survive M4 traffic on Friday night to arrive to some great dinner – 3 courses even! On Saturday, we all went to the Abergavenny Food Festival where we couldn’t see everything due to the presence of the dog but we did shop on some nice stalls and had a great lunch in a church courtyard from a really nice little deli. Piper brought an interesting dimension to the proceedings when she decided to roll in cow manure as we walked through a field back to the car. Oh thank you dog. Luckily there was a river to at least start to wash her off in. And luckily Emma and Mark were unfazed by the disgraceful pooch.

Sunday was also great – we started off at the open air museum of Welsh Life, which is fantastic for us dog owners who bring the dogs to various places – they positively encourage them to be there, even providing bowls of water along the paths and posh pooper scoopers. See above, Emma, Mark and Piper with water outside St Fagans Castle.

Her Mark had to leave us for a family commitment but the rest of us ventured into Cardiff for lunch on the water. It’s super nice down there, and I don’t remember taking photos of it before although we have been there before, so here are some now.

On the waterfront:

The Millenium Centre:

It was great to see them, to be fed by them (always a treat!), and the dog is still pooped from all the activities; she’s crashed out on the couch, and pretty much has been since we got home last night. Which is the biggest success of all when it comes to her!

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  1. tami 'n matti Says:

    when we’re in fenelon falls in the summer, trent (also a golden retriever) enjoys rolling in dead fish. i completely understand. ew. thanks dog.

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