Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The good things about not being a compact person and being pregnant:

  • I can still wear normal clothes, especially summery type trousers/capris, although I am going for longer tops, and anything with a stiff closure (e.g. zip and button on denim) is uncomfortable (but still does fit).
  • I don’t have any sense of ‘oh my god I can’t handle being this fat and I hate myself’.
  • In fact, I haven’t actually gained any weight so far (not that I was trying not to, it’s just happened).

The bad things about not being a compact person and being pregnant:

  • It’s almost six months now and there isn’t a bump that anyone else besides me and Mark can notice. Most people at work don’t know what’s going on, except if they’ve been specifically told, I think.
  • No one is going to offer me a seat on a tube or a train.
  • When/if I do need proper maternity trousers, they are hard to buy in my sizes, but I am hoping that what I have already purchased will have me covered for that brief time.

I think I’ve jumped straight from not being hungry due to nausea, to not being hungry due to a stomach that has a body squishing against it, with a brief interlude of a few days in the middle of August where I did actually feel hungry. I am so not interested in food except if someone nice makes something nice for me (thanks Mark & Emma last weekend!).

I had my glucose tolerance test (looking for gestational diabetes) yesterday morning. Basically I had to fast from the night before (no problem), then get to the hospital, have a few pints of blood taken, drink nasty sugarey syrup, and then have more blood taken 2 hours later. I didn’t tell them that about 25 minutes before they took the second blood I actually puked up the syrup. Oh well. That place always make me vomit. I did it the last two times I was there for scans as well! I have no idea why as I am not being sick otherwise. Luckily we are likely changing hospitals once we move!

My email today says:

Your baby is responsive to touch now. You can have fun with him by trying to
tickle his foot when he kicks you or by lying on your back and rolling from
side to side, to see how he reacts. His eyelids open around now and his
heart is beating so strongly, it may be heard with a stethoscope.

This is interesting as the bean has been moving a LOT today and I think I even saw papers that I was resting on my lap during a meeting move. So we’ll see if I can get any reaction when I lie down for bed tonight.

Oh and thank you to the mommies brigade – the body pillow is brilliant. It’s amazing how good my back feels when I sleep with that thing between my knees, on my side. The only problem is that there seems to be a lot less room in the bed now, which is already king sized. I think I need to kick out the thing that snores before the thing that is soooo comfy…

3 Responses to “”

  1. Lisa Says:

    So glad that the body pillow helps! The hot water bottle was also my best friend during pregnancy (helped with my aching back). And you won’t get offered a seat on the tube even if you look like Kate Moss with a watermelon stuffed down her knickers – people are very good at ignoring baby bumps!

  2. jamie Says:

    Hooray for the body pillow! And the Mommy Brigade… perhaps we should have t-shirts made?

    Yah, I had one of those beany heaty things that you put in the microwave. I still use it all the time. Great for post-partum when you’re nursing too!

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