Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Back from the spa break, back to the house, back to work. And massively stubbed my toe last night and have been in pain ever since so any sense of relaxation is out the window.

Anyway, it was generally a good weekend. Ragdale Hall was really nice, the staff were very attentive, and the treatments were good. We enjoyed the pool the most, I think. Swimming, floating around, and massaging jets for back/neck/feet were all good. Neither of us, of course, decided to partake in any exercise classes or gym equipment but that’s not what we were there for!

Mark was really worried about the food as we were provided with breakfast in our room everyday, a buffet lunch, and an evening 3 course meal. Of course, with that list presented to anyone else they’d be really happy. But with all this ‘health’ talk he was quite concerned about getting his 6 million calories a day. However, he fared just fine. I had a bit more of an issue since I am being fairly picky these days, and the food was alright – not fantastic – but okay.

I enjoyed my Clarins Blissful Beginnings treatment on the Saturday, but after that the rest of the treatments were just sort of so-so (I had a hour long facial Sunday and a hand treatment Monday). Mark had a full body massage Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed his hand treatment (not a manicure!) on Monday. My skin was feeling really good this weekend but it’s sort of dried out a bit now. I suppose this is what happens when you don’t purchase the expensive products that go with the treatment…

The dog was happy to see us when we got back, too many kisses from her really. We were missing her when we took the photo below – it was strange to have ducks swimming towards us instead of scrambling away from us!

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