Monday, October 10, 2005

Turkey’s in the oven, it’s my mini-Thanksgiving dinner. Even more low key than usual this year as I don’t think I have it in me right now to make pumpkin pies from scratch. I’m all coughy and icky right now. Didn’t sleep. Feeling blah. Thankfully Mark is slicing and dicing veggies to go with.

I did, however, take a cue from Sainsburys and tried something new on Saturday – pumpkin chunks stir fried with pancetta, onion, garlic and pine nuts (my addition) then mixed with pasta. Pretty good actually. Now I only have about 2/3 of a giant pumpkin still to use up…soup’s next I think.

But I am off tomorrow for 2 days, on a residential training course to learn how to be a manager as someone thinks I’m not a very good one. Well, my team thinks I am doing pretty well so what can you do. Anyway, Managing Better is being run in Reading so I am off on a hotel adventure by myself till Thursday, would be looking forward to it more if I wasn’t sick. As I cough up a lung as I write this.

My whole family was in Ottawa this weekend for the festivities and it would have been nice to have been there. Maybe next year.

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