Thursday, October 13, 2005

Back from Reading – actually about 7 miles into the countryside, stayed at Wokefield Park. Never would I expect in the cheap world of adult education to stay somewhere so nice for training! Had a bigger hotel room than on our spa break, for heaven’s sake.

I ate very well (food and hot drinks at every turn), slept very well (no snoring lumps or animals to bother me), and it was a good management training course. Don’t always get to meet that many people doing very similar jobs to myself, and the tutors were great too. Was great to share similar experiences and put some new things in the tool box. Dreading actually having to go in to work tomorrow. Catch up on 3 days of email and phone calls? Ugh.

Still a bit chesty but no hope of a GP appointment till Monday when it will be gone. Oh well.

Oh, and what happened while I was away? House is finally sold, deal is finally done and signed tomorrow, and we’re moving in 2 weeks, with closing date 3 weeks away. Oh great. An ALI inspection (like OFSTED) at work the same time as moving out of London to the country side (looks like the small town of Dagnall is where we’re headed). Fun fun!!

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  1. Samantha Says:

    DUDE! HOLY SCHMOLY. I can’t believe you have to pack up your house in two weeks. Superstar. Does this mean you’re on your way to Canada?

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