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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Random bullet points as full sentences are too much effort

  • It keeps snowing in other parts of the UK but we haven’t got any yet. Shame, really.
  • The dog is not enjoying her daily longer confinement to the new house (despite Mark’s mum visiting every lunch time), and lessened number of walks, and has told us so by chewing Mark’s wallet to pieces. Ha ha, at least it wasn’t mine. Otherwise she’s being pretty good – the cat has already pulled up some carpet (thanks, buddy) but she is generally behaving in her still puppy sort of way.
  • I tried to drive here for the first time on Sunday. Driving the car itself is fine mechanically. It’s the whole side of the road thing that is getting to me – as far as which mirror I should even be looking at, etc. And there are still road signs and markings that I am not entirely sure of, even after living here for over 3 years. Roundabouts don’t worry me, it’s actually non-standard stops with traffic lights that is more confusing. We have put a giant P badge on the car (which means ‘this loser driving real slow just passed their test’) which is actually a lie, and I would prefer an L badge (for learner) but apparently you legally do have to be a learner and I can’t be considered one as I have a full UK license.
  • I have actually finished my Christmas shopping (in my desperation to get it done while still in London in the daytime) and might even manage to ship everything to Canada by the end of the week (in my desperation to hit a post office near work as there isn’t one near home).
  • I am actually getting sick of eggnog lattes and I haven’t had as many as I did last year.