Monday, November 7, 2005

I come into work and find people in dark suits wandering around with faces we are unable to read the expressions of – oh yes, the inspectors are here! It will be an interesting week anyway. Many of us haven’t been through this experience before so we aren’t aren’t entirely sure what they are going to be looking for. Everyone has worked really hard to put things in place so we can show the good work that we try to do around here – particularly because if there is anything wrong they’ll be able to spot it themselves.

Last week I put a file together representing the work of my team (thankfully not integral to the inspection but sort of a nice side bit to showcase) and it really is a good file. It’s something that I am going to leave my replacement as I think it abley demonstrates what we try to do and how we make a difference to learners and to the Service.

It’s kind of a funny week as there was so much put into preparation, and I’ve actually blocked off the week just in case there is more to do, but I am really unsure what the demands are going to be and it could easily be that I spend my week doing nothing much at all. I’m sort of sitting around twiddling my thumbs right now, and I hope that I won’t be doing that all I day as I have to be here until 9pm tonight (again, just in case they need anything from me or my team).

At least we are only living in one house now so I know where I am coming and going from. Mark didn’t get the last few things out of Valley Drive until actually after the closing time on the sale by about an hour or so. The move ended up taking a week, which I knew would happen but Mark hadn’t counted on (how much junk do you think you actually have?).

So all the belongings are at Chiltern Farm Cottages but of course are not all in their correct location. We are slowly getting to a liveable house though, did a lot this weekend. Kitchen almost entirely in place, front room getting there, and I can locate all my clothes although they aren’t actually in wardrobes or anything yet. Upstairs just feels daunting right now. We’ve gone from a large 4 bedroom house to an okay sized 3 bedroom house but have lost quite a bit of space. However, it feels good, a better size for us. And it’s actually the first time we’ve lived together without having a tenant or two or three around.

The dog loved last week as she did the commute everyday with us, spending the day at Valley Drive while Mark popped in and out shifting stuff around. Then at night we’d go back to the cottage and she would end up sleeping on our floor. This week is her first time left at home, shut in the kitchen and utility area with the cat (Mark’s mum is helping us out for the next few weeks by stopping in to visit her and let her out). She’s not happy about being left though and keeps escaping as I try to close the door.

I’m not yet familiar with the area we are in, but it feels nice. It’s very quiet except for the main road at the end of the long drive up to our house. We are semi-detached but there is a hedge between the houses and you can’t even tell there is someone else around. Other than that we are surrounded by farm land and Dunstable Downs. This is in full view from our yard (from Whipsnade Animal Park). Keep seeing deer everywhere (on the roads at night or yesterday during a walk in the rain in the daytime). There are sheep in the next field – which means Piper needs to stay on the lead or she will vault the barbed wire and try to play with them.

Now if I knew where the digital camera was, and if the computer at home was set up, I could actually put some pics of my own on here!

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  1. Anne Says:

    What a lovely view…now it puts the move into perspective! love annexxx

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