Monday, November 14, 2005

Inspection over, survived it, and most senior and middle management are off on leave this week so it’ll be nice and quiet after all that hard work. And actually, we did quite well in the end. Middle of the week, I think everyone was questioning how much scrutiny everything was getting, but they had very nice things to say about us. And the best part for me was that they recognised our partnership working and efforts to widen participation in learning, which is mostly what my team does.

I’m off to Reading again this week, to learn how to be a better manager (part 2 of my course) just before I leave for 13 months of maternity leave and can’t apply the learning (well except possibly nursery management techniques, I’ll let you know if there are any transferable skills). Looking forward again to hanging out with other managers with similar jobs, a hotel room to myself, no 2 hour commute for 2 days, and decent food for 3 meals a day all catered for me. Then I have Friday off just cause – which means I will continue to unpack boxes and sort out the mess of a house.

Really wish I had known where my coats were this morning when it was below 0 degrees… Managed to find a scarf but no mitts.

Still no internet access at home which is a bummer. Something funny with the modem, and haven’t had a chance to look at it myself. And we lost our free calls to Canada in the move – I asked my phone provider Talk Talk to move the service to the new house, and they decided on their own I was cancelling it. How annoying. It was going to run out this month anyway, but still.

Mark is out late tonight for the third time lately, and although it’s costing me a bit to get home (train + cab fare from Berkhamsted) I have actually enjoyed taking National Rail as it’s so much faster than the tube and I always get a seat. So civilized, the train.

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