Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The third trimester is evil. I hate it. When will this be over? Can I go back to the simple life of like week 18 when vomit was the only thing to worry about?

I’m at work but Mark doesn’t think I should be. I have so many things to do though, so many things that I thought I could still accomplish this week but I’ve been off sick quite a bit recently. Sunday night the combination of deadly heartburn, not being able to breath due to congestion and not being able to breath due to legs or other body parts pressing against my lungs finally got to me and I ended up projectile vomitting all over the bathroom (I am so sure you all wanted to know that). So I decided the sensible thing to do was to sleep in the armchair downstairs to quell the deadly heartburn and keep the congestion down in my lungs. Actually it worked well, except I still did not feel right in the morning so I slept a lot of the afternoon there too. And spent last night there again. I am not sure how great sleeping in the chair is good for my posture but at least it’s suiting my stomach.

I can’t imagine how this bump is going to get bigger. I am feeling so huge and uncomfortable. How can it grow even more? How can my stomach actually get any bigger? I got used to not having much of a bump at all for so long and now I have had enough of it.

We are much more set for this arrival with ‘things’ than we were before – I think if it arrived tomorrow (god I would be so happy) we would actually have everything that we would immediately need. I have the stuff I need for hospital, pretty much. There is even a semblance of a nursery now. Not finished – will take photos when looking a bit better.

Of course can’t do anything with them until we get internet at home, which we better get soon cause if I don’t have it next week when I am off work, welcome to my cabin fever hell. Mark’s mum is already very helpfully offering to just take me random places she needs to go in order to get me out of the house! I also had a mini driving lesson on the weekend. Let’s not talk about how scary that was. Yes I have a full license (with a restriction to automatics, which is what the Mercedes estate car is) but it doesn’t mean I have been behind the wheel here before…

Physically prepared of course doesn’t mean mentally prepared. I am spending a lot of time wondering what the hell we have gotten ourselves into and couldn’t I just have changed jobs or something if I wanted a change???? I am finding it really difficult to imagine what January is actually going to be like.

Got a surprise visit from a community midwife and her student when I was at home sick last week. Thanks for letting me know you were coming, as I sat in the filth of the house in my pj’s. Anyway, everything was fine but for a trace of protein in my urine (how many more bodily fluids should I mention today?!). They asked me to take another sample to my GP, which I did two days later (as I had to be there anyway for a routine blood test). They didn’t call me back so I am assuming it’s okay. Although a sudden onset of preeclampsia resulting in a c-section tomorrow sounds strangely appealing right now – no, no! must stop!!

Must get back to work. Have just wasted like 10 minutes on here when I should be working furiously on handover notes or something…

3 Responses to “”

  1. jamie Says:

    Oh Emma. I feel for you!

    I’ll be praying that kid gets out of there soon!

  2. Lisa Says:


    Trust me, you do not want pre-e and a c-section – I am speaking from experience here. I do totally understand where you’re coming from, and I vividly remember how tough (and LONG!) those last weeks were. I worked up until week 37, and I’m never doing that again! Try to enjoy this time while you can. You will miss being pregnant (believe it or not!) and that special, secret bond you’ve got with the baby. Get a prescription for renitidine (or take 2 Zantacs before bed) for the heartburn.

    Take care of yourself and know that you will be a fantastic mom/mum. 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

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