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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Update – although not a lot to update. Still leaking (fun). Getting some period like cramps but nothing substantial. I can still function so it’s definitely not proper labour. I feel a bit funny around the head though, like headachey but not, hard to describe. Managed to have a decent nap this afternoon so hoping I can get some sleep tonight. Looks like we are going to have to go in for induction tomorrow unless things change a lot in the next 12 hours.

Mark got his curry for dinner, and I had a bit, but we didn’t pick a very good curry house so that was a bit of a washout (chicken shashlick didn’t taste like anything to me).

His family keep checking in but there isn’t really anything to say. He’s convinced it’s all a hoax to ruin his birthday now, the twit.

Appropriately, see part of his birthday present here. I got him the orange ‘old’ and ‘new’ set. ‘Cause he’s old today. Wrong side of 40. I’m still the right side of 30, going to take me 11.5 years to catch up. Ha ha.