Monday, December 5, 2005

Just got a nice quiet send off from work (thankfully – you know I don’t like the fuss!) – my line manager came up to a meeting we were having and said thank you for everything and see you soon. Got a few cards with lots of names on them, and some John Lewis vouchers. Sometimes there is a gathering to send people off in one of our admin areas and I am glad I didn’t get that or they would have gotten me to make a speech or something!

It’s completely bizarre to think that I am going to leave here in a few minutes or so and not come back for 13 months (I have the first month off as annual leave). I have been here for almost 3 years, and I am deeply engrossed in many projects I have going and it’s going to be very difficult not to think about them! I will be in touch with my team though – they are not just my staff but great friends who I really do enjoy working with. We had a mini get together yesterday at Ann’s house and it is always nice to see people outside the workplace.

However there are also some things I am very VERY happy to be leaving behind – and if they are still issues in 13 months and we are still here in the UK, I will probably be looking for work elsewhere.

But as I have difficulty imagining what the ‘new life’ is going to be like, it’s very bizarre to be putting the old one to bed right now. I know I only have 4 weeks left and it’s been a chore getting in lately, but I am not really sure what I am going to do with myself for the rest of the month!

Feet up, daytime tv…

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  1. Jen K. Says:

    Congrats on finishing work! I hope you will use this time to enjoy some much deserved relaxation! As usual, I’m following in your foot steps and can’t wait to get to where you’re at – daytime TV sounds great about now!

  2. jamie Says:

    ahhhhh…. mat leave…. Enjoy!

  3. Samantha Says:

    Spend this time doing everything you can, everything you love to do on your own. Sitting in a cafe, taking walks, going shopping, bathing you name it. I’d also spend this time going on many dates with Mark – because it will be a while before you two will be able to go out on your own. AND also spend this time talking about everything you can think of when it comes to the responsibility of the babe. Diaper changes, feeding, getting up in the middle of the night WHEN and how often you will be showering. Who will do the dishes, laundry etc. So many things come up that you would have never thought of….
    and on that “motherly” advice HAVE FUN!! You’re responsibility free for 4 weeks. IT’s too bad you can’t kick back and have a few eh??

  4. Anonymous Says:

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