Monday, December 12, 2005

So I manage to sort out the internet today and was happily doing things online when I realised that we still can’t access any secure sites. Which is really annoying as that’s no email (hotmail for me, yahoo for Mark), no internet banking, and no fixing my Abel & Cole order for Thursday. I have trouble-shooted repeatedly and tried many various techie things (much advice found on google) but to no avail. I think we need to call Myles in again (Mark’s sister’s boyfriend).

At least I have caught up on blog reading!

Mark had a different journey to work than usual as our normal route to join the M1 to get into London was literally through the exploded oil depot area. He had to go in early and take the very slow A41 instead. Hopefully they are progressing on putting out the fire. The funny part is that despite the fact we live very close by, and I can see the smoke, none of it has come north and we are dead north of it – which means I’ve had sunny blue skies while the rest of the south-east is living under death clouds. I also can’t believe that Mark actually slept through the house shaking but that’s what happens when he passes out for the night. I am the one with the misfortune of sleeping light – which I am sure he will use to his advantage in a few weeks time.

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