Thursday, December 22, 2005

The dog is in disgrace. Well, in fact, she should be dead, as I found her literally playing in the traffic this morning. I’ve been leaving her out in the garden for longer periods of time as she normally plays a bit, then relaxes, sits down and sniffs the air for a while, just like she used to do at the old house. I was a bit paranoid when we first moved here because although it is fenced in, it’s mostly like chicken wire around a basic wooden frame, and the gate is made of quite widely spaced metal bars. So I didn’t trust her for a while, but she only actually made it through a hedge once when there was an actual space in the chicken wire that we quickly fixed. She’s been fine since, with only the minor problem of digging large holes to China. Anyway.

Generally she is not an escape artist, but there are many temptations around here – we have a resident pheasant who often runs beside the back fence which she chases from inside the fence. We have rabbits, deer, and foxes frequently sighted when we pull into the driveway with the headlights on. And there seems to be a group of escaped farm chickens that hang out on the main road farther up towards the village – but all of these things produce interesting smells which of course she needs to investigate.

I was dozing in front of the tv before 9, and luckily I heard her barking, so I called her in immediately. We’d already had a lot of barking this morning at about 7:30 when a Parcel Force delivery man showed up with my brother’s Christmas parcel to us, and she attacked him in her lovely way as he walked bravely up the path despite her welcome – not with teeth but with high jumps and please can I kiss you and smell you. I apologised profusely.

Anyway, at 9, when I called her in, she ran up the driveway, and waited at the gate as I had to run up and let her in in my bare feet. She was likely barking at the traffic, as we are on a busy road. She’s a complete idiot who I now want to kill as she should really be dead, but at least she somehow knew enough not to run into the traffic – just to bark at it instead. She’s such a twit.

To top it off, I pulled a leaf off her ear that was caught in her fur that stung me, and my thumb is still hurting 3 hours later. Thanks, dear.

In better news, my stocks of Kraft Dinner have gone from nil to 5 thanks to lovely Christmas parcels from friends and family! Hurrah!

Off to antenatal appointment in a couple of hours, and then Mark has to finish his Christmas shopping (probably more like start it), so we are going to the giant crazy shopping mall in Milton Keynes.

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