Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So the last few days haven’t gone entirely to plan.

The Christmas lunch I was really looking forward to at Mark’s mums (mmm….turkey) was tainted by the fact that his step-dad decided to brag to us how little amount of time it took the bird to cook! Oh great, let’s kill everyone. So I didn’t end up eating very much. It all just wasn’t quite well done enough. Dessert was good though, at least, as they had catered for those of us who can’t stand Christmas pudding.

Recent conversations with his family also seem to be focusing on the fact that we are looking to move to Canada later this year – like probably in the autumn – so I am not really sure why it’s coming up now, and I am not really sure why we are getting the stick at this time, but it’s not very nice and I would like it to stop.

Boxing Day was meant to be lunch with his dad and step-mum, but we haven’t seen them yet as his dad isn’t feeling very well with a chest cold or something. We had booked a pub lunch and paid a deposit on it, so we went anyway, and luckily they didn’t charge us for the meals that were cancelled. And at least the turkey was cooked!

I’ve been wanting to see the latest Harry Potter movie, and we were meant to go yesterday, but I really wasn’t feeling very well, so I am not sure when that is going to happen. We did manage to go sale shopping in Milton Keynes early yesterday, and I bought a few bits of clothing from Monsoon etc. for when I am back to ‘normal’. It was slightly depressing however as I found many nice items I would have liked to purchase – and then I would think about it and go ‘no actually I don’t need this as I don’t have a job to wear that for!’. Well, saved me money. Bought myself the newest Jamie Oliver cookbook which was very on sale, and splurged at Starbucks but they had run out of eggnog mix which was very sad.

From tonight we have to start preparing the house for many more guests than it can handle, for Mark’s birthday party (birthday is actually tomorrow). And we need to go food shopping tonight. I’d like to make a cake but I need to find a good recipe, and one that fits the limited range of baking tins we have (I prefer cooking to baking). Will do some research this afternoon.

But at least we got a bit of snow! Not much, but some. I took a photo but blogger seems to be having some issues…

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