Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We’ve recently started receiving some great gifts in the post – everyone is being so generous! Grace sent some cute little moccasins made on Manitoulin Island, Christine sent a gorgeous Roots sleeper with a hat, and today I opened up a large box from my aunt and uncle and there is a fantastic huge puffy snowsuit in it (would be great for today!), along with some other very cute bits and pieces.

Also managed to buy a few things yesterday in the sales but it’s a really bad time NOT to know what you are having as most things are not gender neutral! We don’t really need much clothing anyway I don’t think, but I bought a few bigger sized things as we probably don’t have enough of that. It’s not like we are going to end up having a small child, between Mark and I.

In the last couple of days I’ve finally started swelling up with water retention after managing to avoid it the whole time. Puffy ankles and rings that are too tight – I can’t decide whether or not I should take them off to improve circulation and risk not having them on again, or just leave them. I’ve been trying to drink extra water in case it’s just dehydration and it does help but not eradicate the problem.

I felt like absolute death yesterday – seriously bad headache, hips were killing me, I couldn’t really function as a human being, but I am back on track today. Had almost 12 hours sleep last night and it did the trick. I had tried a few nights this week to sleep in our bed again, but it’s not giving me enough rest, so I am back on the chair downstairs and there I wil be until…when?

When I remember to, I have been taking raspberry leaf tea in tablet format from a few weeks ago as that is apparently meant to ‘tone’ your nether regions to prepare for birth, but I think I am going to kick things up a notch as far as old wives’ tales for inducing labour. We’re going grocery shopping tonight to get the bits for Mark’s party and I will be sure to get some fresh pineapple. He wants a curry for his birthday, probably because he’s been deprived of it as I haven’t wanted to eat any Indian at all for 9 months, but I am going to try to force myself to eat some as that apparently sometimes does it too.

If we go really overdue, I’ll go for the orange juice + castor oil but the thought of it is repulsive right now!!

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  1. jamie Says:

    You know, some sex might get things moving too! heh heh heh.

    Oh yah, take your rings off now! I wore mine on a chain around my neck… you’d hate to have them cut off!

  2. Anonymous Says:

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