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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So, we survived the first month!

Coincidentally, I decided after seeing some blogs I read change their design that I wanted to streamline this, and I like this simple format better – plus the font is small and makes posts seem more manageable.

Anyway, Oliver is 1 month old already. And boy I have learned a lot. Things I never thought I needed to know – such as Tesco brand nappies fit him much better than Huggies or Pampers and they cost less too. Or tactics to avoid the pee fountain at changing times. Or that a fresh diaper apparently needs to be filled with poo immediately. And newborn poo – it does whiff a bit, and it comes out like a shot…

Probably more importantly, I have learned to start to balance times when I need to be a bit selfish and times when I need to be completely selfless. I think this is very hard, and I am still learning – but really, it’s not that big a deal if I leave him fussing for a few minutes while I manage to grab some breakfast, right? And it’s impacting the bigger decisions – such as the move to supplement with formula, which has turned out to be right for both of us, I think.

I’ve also started to feel a bit more confident about making decisions that are right for us – and to ignore or put aside the propaganda that I was sent home with from the hospital. My son definitely does not have nipple confusion – in fact he more likely has nipple/teat/dummie/ thumb/finger addiction and has no problem switching between any of them. For now, combination feeding is working for us, and thanks to the reassurances of many people, I feel okay about this and I don’t even mind admitting that I am doing it as it turns out that normal people are not breastfeeding nazis and everyone has a different story about why it worked or didn’t for them. I so admire those people who are breastfeeding solely for long periods of time – but it’s turned out not to be us.

Actually, if there’s something that might put me off it completely, it’s Extraordinary Breastfeeding, being screened on Channel 4 on Wednesday night and the shot of the 7 year old on her mother’s lap. The social stigma is incredibly strong – so I sort of feel ‘good on you!’ and yet appalled at the same time…

At least if I can’t be an earth mother in that arena, I can now go ahead with our planned purchase of cloth nappies as he’s big enough to fit into them now. I’ve decided to go with Kushies, which are coincidentally Canadian but widely available and popular here. I can’t even believe how many diapers I have already added to the landfill just in the past month! So at least my conscience will be slightly cleaner with this move – hope we are happy with it. Mark has come a long way from the first conversation we had about this, when he flat out refused!

A present from his Grandad Willer – Oliver’s own website. I’m imagining he’s going to put his CV on it one day. I was hoping to post some video that his grandad took the other day on here – but I’m slightly confused as to what file format he’s sent it in on the CD so we will have to get back to you on that one.