Tuesday, January 3, 2006

I gotta find a new name for this blog. Feel free to make suggestions…


Today was first proper bath at home. Result: screaming. Probably also something to do with the fact that the two people bathing him were sort of winging it and I think we put a bit too much water in the bath. But it’s all a learning curve.

Whose skinny legs are those? Certainly not from my side of the family!

Today was also first car ride adventure out of the house, to go to the local farm shop and a newsagents (had to get Heat and some chocolate). Result: contentment. I think the car seat is a winner as he feels all squished in.

Mark changed his first diaper ever today, and is getting more hands on than I thought he would immediately. Which is really nice. He’s being so fantastic about cleaning and cooking. I know I am meant to be resting, and I have been (although not napping when Oliver is sleeping which I am meant to be) but I am not bed bound or anything so I am trying to do bits and pieces. But with both of us here for at least the next 3 weeks, it’s good to be getting things done even if I am just watching while he does it!

We had a nice package of new clothes arrive very speedily from Grandma and Grandad Bowman in Canada, and gorgeous flowers from Great Grandma Bowman in Derby. The house is actually so full of flowers I can’t put them in a vase so luckily they came in water. I think we are going to have to start throwing some out…

I have LOADS of emails to answer so I am sorry I have not gotten to those but maybe tomorrow?

Midwife visit again tomorrow, they will weigh him to check how much he has lost (as they do) and do a blood test. He’s already had one at the hospital so despite the fact that they are giving me paperwork to reassure me a heel prick won’t kill him, I am perfectly fine with them drawing blood out of him. I watched a midwife do it twice on Sunday as she dropped the first vial!

5 Responses to “”

  1. tami 'n matti Says:

    WOW long legs! the kid is going to be TALL. i’m so excited for you guys! em, you look so HAPPY! love you!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Ohmygawd, I’m so behind on my blog reading!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    I’m so, so thrilled for you. He’s beautiful – you done real good, kiddo. xxxx

  3. jamie Says:

    All I gotta say is, don’t you just really really hate blog spam???

  4. maria Says:

    Is it possible to be addicted to a blog? I keep checking for more gorgeous photos and tales, but I suppose you’re just a tiny bit busy!

    Love to you, Mark and Oliver

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