Saturday, January 7, 2006

Right now Mark and Oliver are downstairs watching a Bond movie. Apparently it starts early in this house.

We had another rough night last night, but him and I managed to sleep from 5:30 to 9:oo and from 10:00 to 12ish so I feel okay. I know we should be keeping him more awake during the day but I actually don’t understand how to accomplish this other than putting him into distress (making him cold and naked/withholding food/not picking him up when he wants it).

We went shopping this afternoon to Mothercare and purchased some items that we are going to try out that aren’t necessarily recommended at this time and many people will have many different opinions on whether or not we should be introducing such things as this stage but before I make a rash decision at 4:30am to pack it all in and switch to tummy filling formula, we are going to try pumping for extra night time bottles (and it means we can do it in shifts so we both don’t go mad), and I also got some dummies (a.k.a. soothers). He spent about a half hour sucking on my baby finger tip last night quite happily but it’s hard to keep my arm in the right place when I just want to go to sleep. Feel free to chastise me in the comments section. Yes it’s only been a week and we have many more sleepless nights to endure, but if we try out different things I think I will feel better the situation (even if it all doesn’t work).

Since yesterday or the day before, Oliver has been practising his smile. Yes I Know It’s Just Gas. But it’s like a preview of what his smile is going to look like and that is nice.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Call me evil too, ‘cos I got a dummy for Jack very early on as well. Don’t ever worry about what anyone else will think – you know what’s best for your child.

    Regarding pumping, try doing the extra pumping in the morning. I found my milk supply would gradually dwindle through the day so I never had much between 6-10pm. I always found that I had loads more milk first thing in the morning.

    I think having a newborn feels like a cross between jet lag and Groundhog Day. You never know what time of day it is and you always feel like you’ve just done the same thing over and over and over… Chin up, hon. It really does get so much better and easier. xxx

  2. jamie Says:

    Ha! No chastising here! You got a swing, girl??? My boy LIVED in the swing.

    Bring on the soothies! Bring on the pumping!! You know, there’s also nothing wrong with nursing him as much as you can before bed, then giving him an ounce of formula when he wakes up in the night… we had to do that for a few weeks until my milk really really came in.

    You’re doing fine!! Oh, and, don’t worry about switching his days for nights. I don’t think it would make too much difference for now.

    That’s all the assvice I have for now! Call me if you need more! 😉

  3. beaninlondon Says:

    Keep the assvice coming please 🙂

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