Monday, January 9, 2006
  • It’s the last two episodes of the first series of Lost for us here in the UK this week. This is sad, and we won’t get series 2 until the summer (outrageous, actually), but at least tonight ER is starting again (and we always catch up quickly) and in a week or two series 2 of Desperate Housewives is back as well. I am doing A LOT of television watching right now, and besides those and Eastenders, it’s pretty dismal out there. And for some reason I am off watching movies. Maybe cause I lost my attention span in the last few months?
  • I spoke to one of my staff today and had a fairly lengthy and coherent conversation about work. That was very strange. And I could feel a dormant part of my brain slowly chugging to life…then dying again…
  • Because I am morbid, when we went to Hemel Hempstead yesterday, I got Mark to drive us back through the industrial estate where the Buncefield Depot exploded. As it happened after I left work for maternity leave, I never actually gauged what happened in person, and it was a familiar place as we had driven that way to work for 5 weeks once we moved to Bucks. It was awful – the destruction of some newly built buildings in particular, and cars still sitting there destroyed. You can’t really see much of the oil depot itself (well, it’s wrecked so why would you) but it really was like a bomb hit the place.

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