Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So far, have not had to resort to bottle usage – we’ve had a few half decent nights. Well, I think they have been good nights – I’ve managed about 6 hours sleep, usually 3x 2 hour stretches or 2x 3 hour stretches. And I feel normal during the day as long as I can get that. Mark is getting more sleep than me, and is having to nap in the afternoons. Figures. I think I have relaxed a bit as I seem to be falling asleep while feeding him now, which is helping both of us sleep better I think.

We have used the dummie a couple of times – I really don’t appreciate having my nipple used as a chew toy, so when he just wants a good suck on something that isn’t food related, that works for a few minutes in the night.

I am, however, a little concerned that the jaundice is not getting any better – which the breastfeeding is meant to help with – and that the midwife yesterday didn’t sound entirely pleased with how much weight he has gained. So she is coming back on Friday to see him again. Normally at this point we’d be signed off from her and on to the health visitor.

So it might be that despite the fact he’s pooping a lot and is content after feeds that he isn’t getting enough from me. But we’ll see.

She also got us to make a GP appointment for him as she was also concerned about the colour of his cord (a bit red) but we’ve just gone and they aren’t that worried at the surgery. I’d been told to ignore it but the practice nurse wants me now to clean it with cooled boiled water and apply some vaseline. So we will.

I think he’s spending more time awake than he was, which is good – as long as I manage to keep him doing that in the daytime and not at 3am!

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