Thursday, January 12, 2006
Today is good; all is under control despite any worries I may have had. Although Mark is off work until the 30th January, he had to go in today so it’s my first day all on my own. But things are going well. I’ve even managed to do some dishes, and make some bread. Oliver slept for a good chunk of the morning in his moses basket…


and is currently around my middle in my sling. That was a wise purchase; I’ve just started using it and it means my hands are free to do things like actually manage to eat lunch or have a drink or water while he gets the body contact and warmth.

We had the very nice health visitor here for her first visit this morning – she ended up staying for an hour. She was great, actually. Very comprehensive, very reasurring. I’m finding the midwife visits to be slightly alarmist as she really doesn’t give me that much confidence in what we are doing. The health visitor also got me to talk through the birth (of what I can remember), was extremely supportive during the conversation, and suggested that we might like to give some feedback to the hospital. I will have to think about this. I still need to write down what happened for those of you who have asked me about it.

Yesterday was Oliver’s great grandma Grace’s (Mark’s mum’s mum) 94th birthday so we went around there for lunch.

Afterwards we stopped in to see great aunt Iris who has started babysitting her granddaughter Katie one day a week as Mark’s cousin Karen goes back to work part time. So it was the first meeting of the closest thing either of them has to a cousin, right now… Katie feels like she weighs 13 tonnes compared to him! She’s 9 months ahead and he has a lot of catching up to do…but at least there is some reassurance today that is he is gaining weight (thanks to the health visitor bringing her scales).

And in more good news, I weigh 2 stone less than I did when I went into labour. It would be really nice if while he went up I went down – but not if I keep eating the crap which I have been eating. We need to clear this house out of all the various nibbles and freezer meals that we bought for the birthday party and for keeping cooking easy during these strange days, and get back to something resembling vaguely healthy cooking. Next project.

3 Responses to “”

  1. jamie Says:

    I miss using my sling. Although I still put Eph in it on occasion… mostly as punishment now!!

    I used to nurse in mine too. It was great!

  2. Samantha Says:

    Oh he’s so teeny! The sling was definitely the best investment I ever made – still use it too.
    And good for you for making bread. If you can accomplish just one thing a day then you are ahead of the game my friend!

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