Sunday, January 15, 2006

Today was the first trip to a pub, and despite my fears I’d end up feeding him in the car while everyone else ate a roast lunch, Oliver behaved and I got to eat. Mark’s dad and step-mum and their friends Jayne and Geoff came down for the afternoon. We also had Mark’s cousin Karen, her husband Alan and Katie (for a second meeting) over this morning.

Yesterday Mark’s friend and best man John came over with his girlfriend Jane. Needless to say we have even more gifts and clothing now, more than we could ever imagine getting – this boy is so kitted out with 3-6 month size clothing in particular I am never going to need to buy him anything. I also happily keep getting fun parcels in the post with even more stuff…

Friday was a minor disaster with too many things happening all at once – a midwife visit, a GP appointment (that got cancelled), a visit to the local village hall to assess its suitability for a belated 40th birthday party/naming ceremony (why today?), and a newborn screening hearing test. Then, throw in a visit back to the hospital where he was born to run tests to see why he’s still jaundiced – which ended up taking 4 hours due to the lack of availability of doctors, and both him and I were completely off our game that day. So much for routine.

You know what – I am really, really tired. *sigh*

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  1. tami 'n matti Says:

    I’d be more worried if you weren’t tired. You’re doing great! Just take care of yourself too! Hugs!

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