Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This is why I should have waited until moving back to Canada to have kids – thank you to Sandy in Ottawa who just provided some really good sympathy over the phone, but I wish I had you and others all around in person. I think on reflection my biggest problem is that I have lots of support but it’s all very far away from me right now. And I am missing it.

Oliver cooperated and stayed asleep during the whole conversation – but he needs changing and a feed so off I go feeling better…

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  1. Anne Says:

    So sorry not to have been in touch. You really do seem to have been having a hard time but are really honest about it so I hope that in between the weary bouts in the middle of the night you are getting some more sleep and that your honest diary has brought you the support you need. Emma my daughter had a good baby book and has always kept her babies in their bed until four months or more..(there is one book which is all about routines and very scarey and her favourite which talks of the babies needs for demand feeding etc which does of course make one feel like a cow on demand and may not appeal to you ) she has managed to have three this way and not killed them! I think something wakes you up to knowing they are about to be squashed and a duvet does not cut off the air, they would soon shout if it was!!I must say though that I was worried at first not so much for the baby but for her relationship with Michael her husband with three in the bed!
    I will try and phone…I must confess that I was only going into your main blog and thought that the lack of entries meant that you were too tired to log in…now I have caught up. I think in your photos that you look very good indeed and I hope so much it will get better for you …..Brian will be off to the earthquake zone at the end of this month so perhaps i can fix a tinme to drive up to you if you send me some directions…especially as mark will be back at work then
    Love annexx

  2. Anonymous Says:

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