Saturday, January 21, 2006

Serves me right for speaking too soon – we topped up with formula last night just as we had the night before, and all of us (including the cat, even) were awake until 4am. But you know what – I am still relieved about him being able to sleep in his moses basket, and I am sleeping more soundly – meaning that I still feel there is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders since a few days ago when it all seemed so horrible. And perhaps that was all I needed, and maybe we’ll even stop topping up with formula. We’ll see.

I got a bit snap happy this afternoon…

Asleep, lips pursed (I laugh when he does that):
A big yawn:
Awake, and wondering why I am bugging him:
Please, no more paparazzi:
Or I will punch you (future Russell Crowe/Chris Martin):

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