Tuesday, January 24, 2006

In a year that we hopefully look to emigrate to Canada in the autumn, it is really terrifying that I will be going back to a Conservative government! AHHHHH!!!!! Perhaps we need to go to Holland or somewhere instead??

I actually got the ‘breaking news’ that Paul Martin had conceded defeat on BBC News 24 at 5am – so there was something positive about not getting any sleep last night, I was well informed!

I did vote, I have voted every time I could since I left, but despite my best efforts there was not an NDP win in Oshawa although Sid Ryan did come second again.

I’ve been unable to keep up much with federal politics lately and am not fully aware of all the scandals around the Paul Martin government – but I will look on with interest to see how Stephen Harper is going to impact the country – particularly with his neo-con very right wing leanings. I know he’s only got a minority but it’s still a bit scary. And it might also impact on whether or not I can find a job if they start destroying the social safety net…

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Sadly, I couldn’t vote – after four years out of the country, you can no longer vote. Bah. Conservatives. Bah.

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