Friday, January 27, 2006

Only 1 month late, I managed to make Mark’s birthday cake this morning, and we ate it at his nan’s for lunch, along with his mum.

Turned out really well (despite the slight slope of the whole thing) – I used Nigella’s recipe for buttermilk birthday cake and an all purpose chocolate icing recipe that had rum in it (ooh, naughty).

It was a bit ambitious, but after a decent night’s sleep, managed to pull it off quickly before we went, and assembled it when we got there. And we have leftovers to eat with our thai take out tonight, so that’s good.

It’s a good food day all around as I have been munching on some Fuzzy Peaches this afternoon — thanks Sandy!!! Mmm snacks not available in the UK (as far as I have seen)…

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