Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lots of firsts lately – first big road trip in the car yesterday, to go and see my grandmother, and then to Mark’s dad’s for his birthday for lunch afterwards. So here he is with Great Grandma Bowman – her 7th great grandchild, actually: Here’s too much detail for you – yesterday was also the first time I experienced true breast engorgement and yes Samantha you are right – it felt like implants! As he was sleeping so much in the car, and I was, um, ‘full’, I ended up using a breast pump in the car twice which I am sure made for some interesting comments from truckers if they managed to peek in.

Oliver is finally big enough for the Baby Bjorn carrier, so we’ve been using that in the last couple of days. This was the first time; Mark thought he was crushing him but he stays asleep in it so it can’t be that bad:

This child has been given 4 snowsuits – all of which have been much too big until now. But thankfully one that Magda, Mark’s old tenant, gave us back in October is sort of okay. Except when I put him in it for the first time today, I couldn’t stop laughing because he looked like Maggie Simpson in the starfish suit. This didn’t quite capture the hilarity of the moment:

It’s really cold today and we went out for a walk on the Downs so it came in useful even if it was too big for him.

I think we are on the brink of first real smiles. There was a morning earlier this week when Mark handed him back to me after he’d had him for a few hours, and he was hungry, and as soon as he saw my face he smiled. And Mark thinks he smiled at him at around 3 weeks old. But it doesn’t quite seem purposeful yet so I hestitate to record it in the baby book. He’ll be doing it soon though.

We’re not entirely there with a routine and regular sleeping and eating times – but we are having some good nights and some not so good nights. The fact that we are having some good nights is a godsend and is keeping me sane. I feel quite well rested after last night. A month ago I would have been complaining about the broken sleep and so few total hours – 6? – now it seems wonderful!

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Don’t worry too much about the lack of a routine – Oliver is still very wee and it’ll take a few more weeks/months before he settles into a routine. Once he gets through the next couple of growth spurts, I’m sure he’ll sort out his own schedule.

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