Thursday, February 2, 2006

We’ve been in a bit of a paperwork frenzy for the last few weeks; here’s what’s in process:

  • Oliver’s UK passport, which arrived yesterday. Yes, my one month old son already has a passport including photo which is probably already dated. We are going to Spain at the end of April so we thought we shouldn’t delay getting it.
  • My Canadian passport, which expired this year anyway, plus I needed to change it to my married name.
  • A Child Benefit application, which when granted will give me a paltry deposit in my bank account once a week for Oliver. Somehow, despite the fact that 9 out of 10 families in this country are also due Child Tax Credit, we are not. Apparently this means we are rich. Then why do I feel poor? Oh yes, because we live in the south-east/were in London.
  • I needed to change my name on my National Insurance Number, which I remembered while doing the Child Benefit application, so I’ve had to send that back with a marriage certificate.
  • Mark’s driver’s licence – as he was still using the old style paper one, he now needs to catch up and get a photocard.
  • The biggie – Mark’s Canadian residency and family-class sponsorship application – which is in bits and pieces right now. He’s had his medical and we have the paperwork for that. He’s getting a police check type thing and we are doing the paperwork for that. He had to get about 20 passport size photos taken and we’ve got those. The forms themselves, all about 30 pages, are almost completed. I had some photos developed of our honeymoon (where there are no pictures of us together but just us individually and the dog!!) and the wedding to include as we need to prove that we have a relationship. We should be able to submit it in the next few weeks, and it should take no more than 6 months (as the Canadian government prioritises family class sponsorship) if everything is in order. This means that we would be on track to move in the autumn if everything else goes to plan.
  • Also, next up will be Oliver’s application for a Canadian citizenship certificate, which I understand could take ages to get. Seems very silly to me as I was able to get UK citizenship on the basis of applying for a UK passport. He can’t even apply for a Canadian passport until he gets his certificate.

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