Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Thank god we are cooking with gas once more; we had a hardware problem AND a virus so now it’s all fixed, and we invested in Norton again.

Last night, for the first time ever, we went out for Valentine’s Day to a restaurant. They all do set menus here, and it’s actually really difficult to get a booking, but Mark surprised me by making a reservation, booking his mum as a babysitter, and taking me out to the Banana Leaf thai place in Hemel Hempstead. And I even managed to have a shower that involved shaving and exfoliation! (of course this meant I sacrificed having lunch, but what can you do) There is, however, a reason that we don’t normally go out in V-day, and why I’d already had the ‘staying in’ nice dinner planned – it was pure cheese out there. Bad music, busy restaurant, a free polaroid of us framed, a rose for me…UGH! On top of that, the food wasn’t great and I had an upset tummy when we got home. Hopefully my dinner tonight that was meant for last night will upstage it – pasta puttanesca and Nigella’s molten chocolate babycakes in heart-shaped Le Creuset pots.

Thankfully daytime television viewing is halfway decent right now due to lots of Winter Olympics coverage by the BBC! Hurray! And we know who we are supporting:

However, this is what happens when the Canadian athlete/team doesn’t finish so well:

We are off to watch the men’s hockey team thrash the Italians now…

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Hey, I made those Nigella chocolate cakes last night for our Valentine’s dinner! (Paul did the main course) Aren’t they great? We tend to go out the weekend before Valentine’s to avoid the crappy set menus and tackiness.

    I love the piccies of Oliver! Let me guess – he’s got a boatload of Roots gear courtesy of Canadian relatives, right? 😉

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