Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It’s terrible feeling so completely out of touch when your computer isn’t working. Anyway, it is now, and we are back in the world and I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on…

Oliver is changing fast. Since we’ve been offline, he’s developed his dad’s eyelashes (long and dark), started to get darker eyebrows, and is losing his hair in male pattern baldness places (on top first, also like dad). Most of all, he’s mega filled out – he’s not a skinny little thing anymore, but a hefty kid. Okay, some people give birth to bigger babies than him, but still, he seems huge to us!

We are sort of in a groove as far as sleep goes, too. We’re not anywhere near sleeping through the night, but he is getting most of his sleep at night, and I manage to feel human in the daytime. Sometimes he even goes for a 4 or 5 hour stretch – and then I have to make sure he’s still alive! Which of course wakes him up – and I only have myself to blame :-).

He’s fascinated by light – light coming from the windows, light from the tv in the dark. He’s spending more and more time looking at the Whoozit toy and even gurgling and grinning at it. We’ve had a bath that came without screams – that’s pretty good as he’s only getting bathed about twice a week, so he’s not actually had that many in his life. And most changing table times are also without screams, unless he’s really hungry – he’s just too busy looking at stuff. Today, I feel confident that he’s managing to achieve that social smile as he focussed a lot on both Mark and I and gave us proper grins. It’s been fairly elusive until now. But I did manage to capture it on film:

He’s overdue for his 6 week check – both of us will get checked over at the doc’s – but we have that booked in for Monday. And now we are in the midst of planning a naming ceremony (like a civil christening) for 11th March when my mum is here. Well, actually, I left Mark to plan it as it was his idea and I’m a bit busy – which means that nothing was done until I recently started to intervene and do things like actually send out invitations. We have a little problem in that we don’t know who to name as the ‘supporting’ people – equivalent of godparents – as I don’t have anyone here who would be able to attend, and he’s not actually that close to anyone he feels comfortable naming in that capacity. My idea is that for Oliver he will have UK people, and any future children can have Canada people. Yes I must be mad if I am considering future children.

4 Responses to “”

  1. jamie Says:

    Ah, the big opened mouth gummy grin. Isn’t that why we do it all??

  2. Sherri Says:

    Awweeee. TOOOO Cute.
    The gummy grin….. 🙂

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