Thursday, February 16, 2006

Either the naming ceremony planning is really on my brain or I’ve just gone mad – I just placed an Amazon order consisting of:

  • Oliver! the musical on dvd (never seen it)
  • Oliver Twist by Dickens in paperback (never read it)
  • the story of a train named Oliver from Thomas the Tank Engine (Mark is going to be so exicted! He already bought him a book of Thomas stories and has even started reading it to him!)
  • oh and something for me (even though it’s for kids too)

This is what happens lately – I go out looking for something for myself, such as in the January Monsoon sale, and end up with little or nothing for me and just stuff for him. And, I am happy about it. Very weird.

Ah, he stirs from an afternoon nap in his cot. Longest he’s ever slept in it actually, which is good. I think we are moving to that from the moses basket very soon.

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