Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It’s currently snowing sideways – nice. It’s good to be indoors today.

However, as nice as the view out the window is, it was a pretty big mistake to move out here I think.

Mark felt that last autumn was the right time to sell the house as there is continuous speculation about the state of the housing market here and he was worried he wasn’t going to get a better price. It was probably unfounded, but I don’t think he would have sold it for much more if we had waited, and to be honest I am just happy that someone took it off our hands as there were many problems with it (mould, damp and lots of unfinished DIY).

This meant that we would be looking at renting somewhere, as we didn’t want to buy another house here in anticipation of sometime in the near future moving to Canada. So we decided to look more rurally as (a) we have a dog who needs space and a landlord that will put up with a dog and (b) with the baby on the way, we thought that it would be good to be closer to Mark’s mum so that we could get some help.

We ended up taking the only property that we ever saw because it had a HUGE yard for the dog to run around in, and it’s a 5 minute drive to his mothers. Which seemed like a good idea at the time.

I know that we would have found it difficult to find the right rental property in London (with garden and allowing pets) but oh how I wish we had. We were on our old street on Sunday, visiting a neighbour to show off Oliver and it really struck me how much better off I would be if we were still on that street. I would be able to walk to the GP. I would be able to take the dog for a great huge walk on the conservation area without having to drive her somewhere to take her out (there is no appropriate dog walking at our current house as there are no public rights of way without the sounds of gunshots, and there is no pavement/sidewalk on the busy main road). And I would be able to hop on the tube and go anywhere – e.g. visit work, see other friends, go to Borough Market, go do other decent shopping.

I’m trying to get comfortable driving here. Well, I was until the car decided to break down. It’s been off the road for 3 weeks but I think it’s okay now – passed its MOT, Mark put in new brake pads (the cause of a very strange noise) and has 3 new tyres. Driving will enable me to get Oliver to the GP in an emergency, to pick up something from the store if I really need it, and possibly get me to a post natal group or class. But it’s still not going to get me into London and back into civilisation. Unless I really splash out and feel like facing the M1. As much as I used to enjoy highway driving in Canada, I am not so sure about it here.

The other issue with this is that we came out here so that Mark’s mum would help us out. In her own way, she is being helpful by taking us on trips – to Ikea, to Mark’s nans, anywhere we want to go within reason is offered. But it’s not really the help that I need. We are getting on okay, but wouldn’t it be great if someone heated up some food or cleaned something up while I sat with the kid or something. Or THEY could do the entertaining or holding of the child. There is only so much time I get in a day to do things without having a baby attached to me. So right now I have made the choice to go online, which means sacrificing having a shower or just sitting quietly for a bit. When he sat in his chair entertaining himself with his toy this morning, I chose to wash bottles and sterilise them, and get some food for me. So this means that all the cleaning that I could be doing isn’t going to happen, and it’s not like Mark is going to do it or facilitate my doing it when he comes home.

So, all I can do is look forward to the prospect of emigration home, hopefully at the end of 2006, and the fact that I will be returning to some kind of civilised life, and the helpfulness of family and friends.

3 Responses to “”

  1. tami 'n matti Says:

    em, i’m sorry. i feel helpless. i wish i could do something!

  2. jamie Says:

    You really must come back here. Man, we can clean each other’s houses!

    It really does get better, Emma. Really. Someday. Eventually.

  3. emmainlondon Says:

    Jamie, maybe you have the foundation for a good organisation there – mums cleaning other mums’ houses. It would be a priviledge to do yours right now!
    I’m fine, really – I could be better, but I am fine. Things are ticking over.

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