Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Had our 6 week check up yesterday and everything is fine. Our GP was astounded by the growth in Oliver’s head circumference, though they didn’t weigh him, so I am assuming he is gaining weight well. It doesn’t help that he comes from the big headed Bowmans so he probably won’t be able to wear normal size hats when he’s grown up either. The only concern I have is that he has a nasty case of cradle cap and despite using almond oil on it, it’s only getting worse. He’s crusty!

He definitely feels bigger, can’t quite do the one-handed hold anymore, and he’s actually fitting into 0-3 month size stuff now. I even got him in a sweatshirt and trousers on the weekend – his first time wearing real clothes and not just sleepsuits. However, all baby clothes should consist of snaps in the crotch to enable better nappy changing – taking trousers off everytime is just too annoying. It’s funny how it’s so positive at this time in life to be gaining weight; me, I’d like to start losing the loose tummy I’ve been left with, so perhaps I need to start using him in some sort of sit-up with weightlifting (him being the weight) scenario.

Mark took the afternoon off to take us to the appointment, and we had a little jaunt around some local towns afterwards. We found a great shop in Tring that carries naming ceremony/day accessories and have found a photo album of paper pages that we are going to ask guests to write a message in on the day. I thought that we wouldn’t find anything relating to a naming ceremony as they are pretty new here and no greeting cards exist, but they even had invitations for them. We made our own; I didn’t bother looking for some already made up. The store had loads of cute baby gifts but I resisted!!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    “Big Headed Bowman’s”……I resemble that remark !

    Dad (Granddad)

  2. Lisa Says:

    Cradle cap is pretty icky, isn’t it? (and hard to say – I always call it “cradle crap”) Jack had it quite a bit during the first three months, but it cleared up after that. Keep using the almond oil (olive or any vegetable oil works well, too) and gently remove any scaly skin with a soft cloth. Hopefully it’ll clear up soon!

  3. Jeni Says:

    Yes we used oil on Matthew’s head when he had cradle c(r)ap at around the same age. And he had really dry skin on his cheeks (apparently the same thing) and we used a cream I was recommended by our practice nurse called Double Base and it’s excellent.
    And as for the big head, I bought Matthew a size 18-34 month hat the other day and it’s TOO SMALL… he’s only 13 months! yikes!

  4. Anonymous Says:

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