Thursday, February 23, 2006

It’s been snowing fluffy sticking flakes all day, which makes me happy – unlike yesterday’s icy wind-ridden conditions – so I decided we would try to go for a proper walk.

The snow (the Chilterns are very snowy – we’re a bit warmer down in the valley):

The unimpressed co-walker (slept in the Baby Bjorn):

The resulting filthy dog:

It wasn’t that fun actually. It’s pretty hard to carry the kid in the Bjorn and keep a tight hold on the leash at the same time as we went on the one public path around here and it’s right beside the main road and I can’t let her off the lead there. Which means Piper is unhappy and pulling, and I’m pissed off and pulling her back again. And now my back hurts. But at least we all got our legs stretched.

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