Friday, February 24, 2006

Fun ways to spend your afternoon: picking yucky scaley skin off of Oliver’s head. I couldn’t have imagined a few months ago that this would be my life. But thanks Lisa for the encouragement – the oil is beginning to work a bit. Mark’s cousin, a paeds nurse, has also recommended emulsifying ointment which worked on her daughter.

I should have gone to pick up that ointment from the chemist today but I was too chicken to drive to the surgery on my own. My GP called yesterday and told me my blood results from the 6 week check weren’t very good, meaning that my iron stores are really low, and I have to go on tablets for a few months or something. I will pick up the prescription next week although I should have gone today.

They did give me iron tablets when I left the hospital, but I took one and threw the rest out as I felt fine and I didn’t want to more constipated than I already was. I understand that I lost a lot of blood during labour and that’s why this has happened but I did think that I was fine. Oh well.

I’m very aware that I still haven’t written Oliver’s birth story down so I am going to try to do that in the next week. I’ve opened a file on my desktop to remind myself to add to it when I get the chance, anyway!

I am trying hard to get rid of the cradle c(r)ap as we have a busy social weekend and I’d like him to look good! – tonight, dinner at Mark’s mums; tomorrow, dinner at Mark’s friends in Ruislip, and Sunday we are going up to Warwick to see Mark’s nan and dad. His nan had 3 strokes last week and has been in hospital. Everyone was very worried about her but we had been told not to bother visiting as she had been pretty out of it, but apparently she’s back to normal now so we can cheer her up with her great-grandchild.

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  1. Michelle Says:

    If you are still trying out oils on Oliver’s cute little head…we used Emu oil for Isabelle’s crusty head and that worked great!
    Take care,Michelle

  2. Lisa Says:

    Some more unsolicited assvice for you…

    You can get iron in your diet lots of ways, if you want to avoid the supplements. There’s a great list here:

    It’s amazing how many foods (other than red meat and greens) are rich in iron. You can also get an iron supplement called Floradix from health food stores and it apparently doesn’t cause constipation.

  3. Anonymous Says:

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