Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Two months old now – which means that yesterday was Oliver’s first immunisations.

Actually, yesterday was scary and exciting all around. I got Mark’s mum to drop us off at our post-natal group organised by the health visitors, when normally I hate forced socialisation with strangers. However, it was important for me to go to reduce my isolation, and actually it wasn’t half bad. It’s a small group and most people there are in the same situation – first baby after a decent start at a career. We just had an informal chat, but the facilitator is going to do 5 weeks of different topics like weaning, and then we are going to continue for another 6 weeks doing baby massage. And thankfully there is another mum from Dagnall so I am going to get a lift with her and don’t have to rely on my mother in law ferrying us around.

After we got picked up, we all (me, Oliver, MIL and step-FIL) went out for a pub lunch, which was a nice treat, and then went and had the dreaded needles at the GP surgery. He had a real good hearty cry, but fell back asleep in the car seat. I had the Calpol at the ready, and gave him some soon after we got home hoping to prevent any pain or possibly fever. I think he’s mostly okay, although I think he’s a bit screamier than usual, and Mark thought his head was a bit sensitive last night.

To round off the day, we had the Largest Poo Explosion Ever which went through his nappy, to his clothes, to MY clothes. Well done!! I was impressed with that one!

It’s been a better month that month 1. Some people might find this strange or terrible, but it’s taken me some time to fall in love with him. I don’t do love at first sight (well, except possibly in cases of pairs of shoes or cakes), and although I felt the rush of need to care for him obviously from the beginning, it wasn’t until this month that things sort of fell into place between him and me. There’s a big difference between him looking at me just for a food supply, and him properly being happy to see me in the morning, and that has made a huge difference. I have mostly started to enjoy this strange new career, even if I still get frustrated about being unable to do things around the house or for myself when I have to attend to him.

And March is going to be good, as we are about to spend half of it with my mother here. She arrives on Saturday, and apparently is not planning on putting him down for 2 weeks, which I don’t have a problem with! We have the naming ceremony on the 11th, and it looks like quite a few people are coming, which is nice. And we are having a weekend on the Isle of Wight at the end of the month at the posh hotel we stayed at there last year, and I am looking forward to that (although with slight trepidation as to how he is planning on behaving while we are there!).

3 Responses to “”

  1. jamie Says:

    Oh Emma, that doesn’t sound terrible at all! I understand. I had that with Ephraim too. After he was born and they put him on my chest, I was like, “ew. Can I go to sleep now?” And he was number two!

    It really is nice when they start to know you, isn’t it?

  2. tami 'n matti Says:

    Largest Poo Explosion EVER. ew. that kinda reminds me of miranda on sex in the city when she is changing diapers and gets poo all over her face. i gagged then and i’ll gag now. i suppose when it’s warmer you can take the kid outside and just hose him off. đŸ™‚

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