Monday, March 6, 2006

I made a big mistake last night – I followed the link on another blog to a story of a baby named Oliver Harry who was born a month ago to an American mum in London, and died 10 days later. It’s the most heart breaking thing I have ever read, and I was in floods of tears last night. I am not going to post the link because I don’t want to end up crying again, but it’s the most awful story, and for me it’s hitting a little too close to home. I can’t even imagine.

Too many reasons to be cheerful around here – Grandma is here, and it’s the most fantastic thing having another pair of hands around. The kitchen is clean, meals are cooked and baby is happy. And she won’t stop spoiling him with more clothes, toys, etc. so we can’t complain about that.

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  1. tami 'n matti Says:

    3 cheers for grandma! and there is nothing wrong with spoiling baby oliver. he’s precious! oh, bad news. i was at taco bell and they have changed the chicken burrito supreme. it is NOTHING like it used to be and that’s not a good thing. hugs to all…

  2. mother of the kid Says:

    although that’s depressing about the chicken burrito supreme, you also made me salivate – thank god, I have fuzzy peaches to make me feel better, thanks to you!!

  3. Lisa Says:

    I read that blog at the office – it took everything I had not to burst into tears. So heartbreaking, I cannot even begin to imagine…

    Hurray for Grandma! That’s the best help anyone can offer (rather than the usual “I’ll hold the baby so you can have a break” – gee, thanks.)

  4. sandyrkerr Says:

    I remember taking Tami to mother and wee tots – the most uncomfortable hour of the week, I was even chastised for not wearing jeans but (I was dressed in dress slacks & flats) told them I didn’t even own a pair of jeans. Tami was adorably dressed each week, but seemed as bored as I was. The other mothers all seemed like teeny boppers to me & couldn’t even carry on a decent conversation. I had paid, so I went. Glad yours is sooo much better & you made a friend. Sandy

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Awww, Emma, he’s sooo cute – can’t wait to meet him! Jen

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