Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bye bye, Grandma.

We dropped my mother off at Heathrow early this morning, which brings to an end 2 weeks of fantastic help. I now think that all new parents should have a built in third party which will enable things such as house cleaning and party organising to proceed almost without any stress.

She was a huge help. I barely had to do anything for Oliver for the past 2 weeks except breastfeed him. And she managed to do some UK shopping which she loves, and saw some of her and my dad’s family so I hope she thinks it was a successful trip too. Hopefully grandson and grandmother (and grandfather too) will see each other again relatively soon.

While she was here she spoiled him to death with loads of presents from Canada, and then bought more clothes and a swing here. Actually his room is now overflowing with presents as I’ve bought him a lot of stuff lately (like a cool floaty swimming seat for Spain, and a cheap stroller for the airplane) and he received so many nice gifts on his naming day like more clothes, piggy banks and other mementoes. (Note to Lisa: meant to tell you that the greeting card industry has caught up with naming ceremonies and we received loads of different cards!).

We have another fairly busy week ahead (which is good, ’cause then they go really fast and I don’t have to dwell in daytime television hell). On Monday, Mark and I are both doing an infant first aid course. Tuesday is post natal group and I think this one is on weaning which I am getting excited about (only 5 more weeks till we can start experimenting with baby rice!!). And Friday is our big first trip away, to the Royal Hotel at Ventor on the Isle of Wight. Testing ground for Spain in only a few weeks’ time, and for any other trips we want to go on anytime soon (weekends to see Mark & Emma in Wales, and northern France spring to mind).

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  1. tami 'n matti Says:

    look how sweet he is smiling at grandma! that is such a wonderful picture! i’m glad grandma was so much help. sound like you really needed it. wish i was there!

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