Monday, March 27, 2006

We are back from our weekend away and we survived. Oliver definitely reacted to being in a strange environment all weekend and being put out of his quasi-routine (I hate to use the word routine as I haven’t yet pulled out the Gina Ford and let him cry himself to sleep – though I probably should – but I digress…) but overall it was okay. It took like 8 hours to get home though (including stops) so I think he was pretty happy to be out of his car seat when we got in.

Hanging out in the hotel room:


  • Mothercare inflatable bathtubs are evil and can not be easily inflated or deflated without injuring ones’ self. This is good to know before I take it to Spain.
  • If you pump the kid full of food at about 6pm and then take extra formula down to dinner with you, he will cooperate and sleep through a whole function with about 60 people sitting down to dinner, speeches and dancing.

We ended up bringing half the house with us, or I suppose just half the nursery as there was very little room left for any parental items.

I keep meaning to say that I have put a whole load of photos on flickr and so you should go here if you want lots more of the kid. And Mark’s dad has put a bunch of stuff on his website.

Bought even more stuff for him as we waited for our ferry time and did a quick Matalan shop. I couldn’t resist these for Spain!!!

Happy birthday to Tate Vargo who turned 2 on Sunday. Can’t believe you are 2 already! At least I’ve gotten to meet him before, unlike some other kiddies of good friends. Don’t get home enough.

Oh, and apparently it was Mother’s Day here yesterday or something? Hope other mums had a good day.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    No no no no no – back away from the Gina Ford! Resist! Resist!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    best regards, nice info »

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