Monday, May 15, 2006

This weekend was good. After trying the pool in Spain to no success, we decided to try Oliver on a warm kiddie pool here. The closest leisure centre, where they do baby swimming classes, has actually closed their small pool for 5 weeks, so we went to another one. It turned out to be a good move – to our first confusion and then happiness, they have one giant changeroom for everyone. Meaning that I don’t have to wrestle with Oliver and changing him on my own while trying to get in or out of my bathing suit. We can all do it together! Fun fun. And Oliver was a champ – he spent 30 minutes in the busy kiddie pool looking at all the other kids and getting lots of exercise. Mark did some laps, and then came back and joined us. If you lay Oliver sort of on his tummy, he kicks everywhere, and he just generally moved around a lot and enjoyed himself. Too bad I didn’t take the camera.

And yesterday, it was redemption Mother’s Day number two (the Canadian one, to make up for the UK one). Oliver (in his infinite cleverness) got me a whole KILO of Dairy Milk and nice flowers. A kilogram of chocolate is not a good thing when you are stuck in the house with little inspiration for lunches or breakfasts.

It’s our last baby massage/post natal group meeting this week, which is a shame as it means we’ll be getting out of the house less. And I don’t feel brave enough to head out to these local mum and tot groups they hold at church or village halls without knowing anyone.

Food continues to be downed with amazing ease. Oliver has now tried apples (loves), pears (loves), carrots (okay), butternut squash (okay) and avocado with banana (okay). I’m really enjoying getting him on solids.

3 Responses to “”

  1. Kristin Says:

    I think the best thing is the squinchy face, when they taste something they don’t like. I gave Nolan some lemon, for kicks. He made the disgusted face but then wanted more!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hey, that’s great! I haven’t managed to convince Paul that we need to celebrate both UK and Canadian Mother’s Day. 😉

    Also wanted to say thanks very much for sponsoring me, you lovely lady. xx

  3. mother of the kid Says:

    Kristin, I love it, baby torture with lemons. Will try it soon!

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